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Alan Nolet

Registered Physiotherapist (UTM)

Certified Neuro-Developmental Treatment
Medical Acupuncture Provider

As a three-time Olympic gymnast (in 1988, 1992 and 1996), a double gold medalist at the 1990 Commonwealth Games  and the men’s Canadian national gymnastics champion in 1993, I’ve had many injuries leading to surgery, which is how I became interested in physiotherapy.

Those injuries of the past allow me to empathize with my patients — I know how it feels to be hurt — and my decades of experience as both an elite athlete and a physiotherapist mean I’m able to safely guide patients back to the sport they love. It’s a great feeling.

Both my undergraduate degree in kinesiology (’96) and my physiotherapy (’98) degree come from McMaster University. I have also taken many postgraduate courses in manual therapy and am certified in traditional acupuncture (CAFCI) as well as neurological physiotherapy (C/NDT). I continue to take courses to improve my treatment skills.