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Caroline Thong

Registered Physiotherapist (UTM)

Medical Acupuncture Provider

Being a physiotherapist is a perfect fit for me, allowing me to combine my fascination with the human body and my interest in helping injured people return to health. Through treatment that combines exercise, manual therapy and acupuncture, I empower my clients to realize their goals.

The impetus to go into this line of work was the result of watching my sister recover from a terrible car accident. This difficult event fueled my desire to work with those who have suffered injury, so they can return to the activities that fulfill them. I prioritize educating my clients, helping them to understand their own bodies, and how to recover and function at their best.

Certified in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, I obtained my BSc in Kinesiology from McMaster University and my MSC in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto. I’m currently working on completing my Orthopædic Manual Levels.