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Jeremy Ryan

Physiotherapist (UTM)

Enabling patients to learn about their bodies so they can thrive and excel at their physical endeavours is a constant source of fulfilment for me. I am just as gratified helping an elderly patient reach their physical goals as I am getting an elite athlete to perform at the highest level. 

I have a special interest in runners, youth athletes, weekend warriors and chronic pain patients. The bulk of my treatment approach lies in the use of manual therapy. I also make use of active individualized exercise programs, electroacupuncture and visceral manipulation, depending on each individual’s needs.  

After obtaining my BSc in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa, I acquired an MSc in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto. Since graduating in 2011, I have branched out into multiple facets of manual therapy. I am a Fellow of both the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (FCAMPT) and the International Federation of Manipulative Physiotherapists (IFOMPT). In addition to pursuing my osteopathic diploma, I will complete part 2 of the Gunn IMS course from the University of BC in 2018.